Everything you need to know about precision farming

Everything you need to know about precision farming

Agriculture in Poland is a branch of the economy which is subject to dynamic changes. More and more work that used to be done by human hands is now done by machines. The development of technology and the increasing knowledge of those who work the land have made it possible to introduce modern solutions into agriculture. Precision farming is one of them. What is this type of farming and why should you choose it?? The answer to this question can be found in the following article.

What is the role of­nothing­two pre­cy­tion?

In mate­ria­access­lite­ra­here­and inter­ne­we can know­There are many defi­nor­cji agriculture­nothing­twain pre­tions­tion. Jed­but each of them contains two main tion entities define­For­agricultural­nothing­your pre­cy­The map is not available on the website: tech­no­lo­gia i variable­nity of the conditions­k in the network­dli­jump­brought up. This­connections­Check­not different­evelopment of technology­no­lo­gy and pr to get­so­wa­ndependent­g in agro­tech­purpose­tions to change­conditions­k in the occurrence of­pu­it­on the r ż­n area­field accounts­The following are the main­wa­tion to the creation of­things­n agricultural production­nothing­pre­cy­tion.

What it looks like in practice­tics? Ot that­large­which e have to do­(except for zaku­tally­wied­of its equipment) is a very­on­not a map that ra contains information­has­decision on the­strzen­nancial and time­so­ndependent family members­no­onditions­k in the middle­to­See­performance. Additional­In some cases such maps may contain­R ­The development of technology and the increasing knowledge of those who work the land have made it possible to introduce modern farming solutions­oro­lo­The report contains information, e.g. great­bility of the opa­d hether the average­them­pe­ra­ture. Such indicators­The plants are based on the­what­tion­on the sub­sta­knows­r in, performance­tions­links­measurement with spe­performance­li­tangent­nancial support­sa­harvest­in the system­GPS theme. Data­sys­The following are some of the ways in which­nformation­has­use­thanks to which ­We can help­evelopments­ro­map. After the inter­pre­ta­network­The data that we have can be­stą­tion to perform­emissions­wa­nia no­unnecessary­The support of a professional on this bumpy and uneasy road is invaluable­plants­g in agro­tech­as­of. Thanks to the sku­tecz­nancial pla­no­wa­niu ise­Let’s get to know each other­not ideal­al­not up to­so­e.g. the amount of fertiliser or plant protection product to be used for the specified­ślo­of a new area on our field of crops­email. Such different­bind­for­does not allow for the most­Lep­high performance­masters­sta­not access­ndividual resources­b in one­no­check­a lot of fish and reptiles and shrimps­diminishing nega­nificant impact of agriculture­nothing­tion on the environment­to­wi­tion. Rol­nic­two pre­cy­It is therefore necessary to combine­effect­ecological­no­mia, eco­lo­gies and inno­wa­tion.

Rol­nothing­pre­cy­tion in:
Pro­duc­ctions of animals­government­conditions

Ch in the pre­cy­The following is the most accurate in relation to the­role­in relation to the pro­duk­replacement of an animal­row­has a significant­Check­not ana­lo­gical to the role­nothing­twa pre­cy­nancial equipment in the pro­environment­plant­evelopment. Here the ­also new­check­support­tech­noil­lo­gical possibilities­li­conditions­so­wa­n o p e r a t i o n o f t h e s y s t e m­new animal breeding­rarities to change them­no­person­nor­of the. Thanks to the development­wo­nity of this child­managemen­Farmers have the opportunity to­li­yield­ska­nity of animals­secure­nformation about the­snow reaction­tion of animals­rities to specific environmental conditions­to­wi­and thus an adequate supply of­so­wa­ning them to­nor­tive pre­fe­ren­evelopment. At­wheel­dem this type of treatment­g can be fed­not know­lo­fa­u broy­importance­r on whether the­troll conditions­k in the micro­cli­ma­tic­nega­roadside­office.


Damages­niki and pato­genes belong to the­nor­k hich They are of great importance­check­not for plo­no­wa­plant. Their current­nity may result in­co­to reduce­that­the amount of­tions and as­yield and, consequently­se­kwen­less­pay­cal­no­tion of the­duc­farming­and­more. To avoid­In order to eliminate such losses, all­of measures in plant protection. Not­regrettably­so­tion­not e.g. pesticide­cy­d in has a very­no­visit­nvironmental impact­to­wi­sko. Moreover, pesticides­ticides can outlive­ni­k to the pro­du­co­wa­raw plant material­nancial data and have not­co­nificant influence on human­health­wie. Above­measurable and long­go to­permanent stand­so­wa­n oin U.S­k in plant protection, can r ­However­wa­pay up to­nancial uod­par­nia­tions to the pato­ge­n . And this is where­cho­office­nothing­two pre­cycles­variable.
Thanks to the use of­so­wa­This kind of new­check­less important agriculture­nothing­twa, we can reduce­live the amount of sto­so­wa­ndividual sub­state­cessation of­pie­tion­them­ction against damage­avoid­and also stand­so­only where it is necessary­new­not the city­scowe). For­this role­nic­two pre­cy­The new system helps to significantly increase­s b change­ni­ma­li­help­nega­he cumulative effect of the­so­weight­nia­k in plant protection.

Advantages and disadvantages of standing­so­reduce­new­check­of the common agricultural­nothing­twain

To the most­valid­it­the negative advantages of agriculture­nothing­twain pre­cy­potencial resources­We do:

  • ogra­ni­check­not for not­redundant­nne mini­mum sto­so­tion­fertilizers­z in and measure­k in plant protection
  • increase­sze­no impact­no­wa­planting by introducing­wa­visit­not pre­cy­nitive fertilization­that­nia
  • decrease­diminish nuisance­conditions­check­environment­to­wi­through a pro­wa­­not ­no­wa­harvest­nologies­development
  • less­high financial outlays­on agrochemical treatments­tech­nical
  • faster­sha and bar­more efficient field work
  • can­li­eq ui t y­n eeds­wa­procedures­g on agro­tech­purpose­any other­for­lie­not from the conditions­k in the weather­to­evelopments
  • spo­government­evelopment­not exactly­nancial data on­snow­to­litigation and as­tion of the crop­n
  • can­The­e x p e c t e d quality­which­tillage­nourishment in an easy to use­s b efficient­no­tillage fields­and its ren­tow­no­prosecution
  • easier­high and effect­tives­it­ssh management­dza­not to host­donation

Agriculture­nic­pre­tions­The state of the ­also has its drawbacks. With certainty­enable­tion of the most­greater­The main disadvantages are high­The financial costs of the­Preliminary bind­tion with the purchase of­pem spe­mission­l­tangent­n equipment. In addition to this, rol­Farmers who ­who will undertake to implement­that­nnovation­check­sive methods, they have to continuously­any appropriate­at­to increase your knowledge­I will c fully perform­rzy­stand a potential­agricultural sector­nic­twa pre­cials­nvironmental. Farmers­nothing­two pre­cy­nificant advantages of farming in Poland­sce no­Unfortunately, it still belongs to the rare­co­environment. This is not only due to the enormous­meme­sty­pesticides that need to be re­ali­such as­but also with a structure­polish­skimmer role­nothing­twa. In our country the domi­nds a variety of­small­not­not the economy­and agricultural products, and­nothing­two pre­cians­The fertilizers are used in farming­gift­The Commission shall be assisted by the Standing Committee on­locational.

Where to buy precision farming tools and equipment?

Specialized equipment is needed to implement precision agriculture. The large financial outlay that The high risk involved in buying this kind of equipment makes us want to be sure that we have bought the highest quality tools and equipment. Navigation systems, computers or viewing monitors are essential equipment on a modern farm. Among If you are looking for a place that offers this equipment, you may be interested in Agrotim’s MRI range. In this store you can not only buy the necessary accessories for precision farming, but you can also count on professional advice in choosing the right equipment. So if you are just starting to upgrade your farm, it’s worth taking advantage of this kind of offer to be sure that we made the best choice.

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