A perfectly preserved shipwreck from 2400 years ago has been discovered

A perfectly preserved wreck of a ship from 2400 years ago has been discovered

Shipwreck resembles structures previously seen only on ancient pottery. It was found in late 2017 at a depth of more than two ch kilometer The site was discovered by an international group of archaeologists in the focus of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project. It is one of 67 wrecks of the galaxies discovered by the. Scientists have mapped about 2,000. kilometer in the square bottom of the Black Sea.

Scientists obtained a small piece of the ship for radiocarbon analysis to determine its age. The study showed that the wreck dates back to about 400 B.C.n.e. Delighted scientists hailed the find as the world’s oldest intact shipwreck.

The ship is in very good condition for its age. That’s because at a depth that rej rested, the water is almost devoid of oxygen, which creates the perfect conditions for preserving the facility in made of a material in organic.

– A ship that ry survived intact, from the world of the classical period, is something I would never have believed – said Jon Adams, an archaeologist at the University of Southampton who leads the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project. – This will change our understanding of shipbuilding in and about sailing in the ancient world – added.

The wreck is about 23 meters in length and lying on its side. The pictures clearly show the mast and bow b ship. The oars, rowing benches and rudder are also clearly visible. Scholars have acknowledged that it is possible that even the contents of the hold may have survived in good condition, although it is not known what may have been there. They evaluated the r It is also necessary that such a vessel has a crew of t have a crew of 15-25 persons b, kt The remains may be found in the sediments at the bottom. It probably sank during a storm.

– It’s like another world,” said Helen Farr, who took part in the expedition. – As the remote-controlled vehicle descended into the d ³ and through the column of water we saw at the bottom of this ship illuminated by our vehicle, so perfectly preserved, I felt as if I had gone back in time. The wreck is intact and safe – added.

Researchers believe that the wreck once m The wreckage looks very similar to the ship depicted on the so-called. The Sirens Vase, a ceramic vessel from the same period. On ceramics, which The painting, which is in the collection of the British Museum, shows Odysseus tied to a mast to protect him from the fatal influence of the singing of mythical sirens, who re luring sailors to the rocks.

The wreck found is not the oldest in the world, but it is perfectly preserved and untouched by treasure hunters . In the 1970s. The remains of a ship from around 4,200 years ago were found in the Aegean Sea.

Source: Source: BBC, Live Science, photo. Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project/EEF Expeditions