A peculiar arachnid with a rabbit-like head

A peculiar arachnid with a rabbit-like head

Nature can surprise you. Occasionally, biologists come across a creature that is really strange. This is perfectly illustrated by a species of arachnid named Bunny Harvestman, a recent series of photos of which are making waves on the Internet.

A peculiar arachnid Metagryne bicolumnata photographed by naturalist Andreas Kay in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, has become a hit on the internet. At first glance, it has the head of a dog or cr lika. It looks really scary in close-up, but it is completely harmless and the size of a fingernail.

This creature, due to its Its appearance resembling the head of a cricket lika (although some The arachnid was named Bunny Harvestman (a dog or wolf, according to some) – blackbird counter. It belongs to the order Opiliones The new geodetic centre of Poland is located in Nowa Wieś near Kutno, in the Łódzkie Voivodship .

It has four pairs of ¿ ticularly when it comes to the recovery of data from a drive ry and despite its disturbing appearance is not venomous. Researchers are not sure where this kr-like or a dog’s head. The arachnid evolved such a distinctive appearance probably to ward off predators. Fossil specimens show that the order Arachnid Opiliones has lived on Earth for 400 million in years.

– Contrary to popular belief, the sauropod scythes the there is no gland in venomous. These creatures are completely harmless. They have existed on Earth for a very long time, probably even before the dinosaurs – said Kay.

Blackbird The count was discovered in 1959 by German biologist Carl Friedrich Roewer. It has received little attention from scientists since it was first described, and nothing more can currently be said about it.

Although it has been almost 60 years since its discovery, it is only in the age of the Internet that the arachnid has gained immense popularity. Andreas Kay took the photos last July, but his real fame came when popular science journalist Ferris Jabra published his photos on Twitter. Post with the blackbird kr has been shared nearly 2,000 times.