A formula for longevity. Drug combination developed that doubles nematode life span Dzi

A formulation for longevity. Drug combination developed that doubles nematode life span

Researchers have developed a drug combination that has nearly doubled the life span of nematodes. The cocktail of chemicals also allowed the worms to live extra time in health. The scientists hope to build on their research to develop a similar cocktail for humans in the future.

Syndrome ³ scientist The study, led by Jan Gruber of Yale-NUS College (The college was established as part of the co In a study conducted in collaboration with the National University of Singapore and Yale University, the researchers found a combination of agents in pharmaceuticals, not only increase the viability of the microscopic nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, but r also op slow its rate of aging. These discoveries may one day lead to the development of a compound in the op to promote the aging process in humans.

The study, published in the journal "Developmental Cell" provides an important foundation for further research in drug combination design , kt If we can find a way to make a similar cocktail for humans in the future, it will have the same effect in mammals .

– Many countries in the world, including Singapore, is facing problems related to an aging population, said Dr. Gruber, who ndings and options right away researcher makes discovery. – If we can find a way b to extend life expectancy and op By reducing human ageing, we can counteract the harmful effects of population ageing by providing countries with not only medical and economic benefits, but also by improving the quality of life of their citizens – added the researcher.

syndrome Gruber wanted to find out to what extent life could be prolonged by combining drugs , o kt that are known to have an impact on life expectancy. For example, rapamycin, which ra is currently being given to organ transplant recipients to prevent rejection by the body’s immune system, extending the lifespan of many organisms including nematodes C. elegans, fruit flies and mice. This was shown by experiments conducted by other research groups.

In the study, researchers gave nematodes combinations of dw and three unions . The results showed that the combination of dw ch funds in extending the life expectancy of worms more than any of the drugs separately, and in combination with a third, have nearly doubled the life expectancy of the nematode.

Researchers observed no effects in nematodes in the side effects of the cocktail served to them. Worms also lasted longer and stayed healthy is also during extended lifespan. This is an important point for potential future interventions related to aging in humans, as health deteriorates significantly with age. So if researchers are working to extend people’s lives, it’s important to make sure that people can live out that period in a healthy.

– We could not only have a longer life, but it would also be a life free of diseases age-related diseases, such as arthritis in, cardiovascular disease, cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. These diseases currently require very expensive therapies, so the economic benefits of being healthier for longer would be enormous – Gruber pointed out. The scientist to confirm his words in the odni fame to a study from last year, which re m i that if we could slow down the rate of aging of the American in by 20 percent., The U.S. government would save $7.1 trillion on health care costs over 50 years.

Gruber in support of his work with Professor Nicholas Tolwinski, he gave a nematode-tested cocktail to fruit flies kom (Drosophila melanogaster). The researchers also observed a significant extension of life. That two such evolutionarily distinct organisms experience similar life expectancy extensions suggests that biological mechanisms that re regulate drug interactions on aging, are old, which gives hope for a similar result in humans.

According to Gruber, this study provides evidence that such a pharmacological intervention is a promising strategy for slowing the aging process and significantly extending natural lifespan in animals. Team ł scientists now wants to undertake research to improve the efficiency of its approach. Scientists also want to create a computer model that ry pom to explore thousands of possible combinations of relationships in potentially prolonging life.